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Are you wondering why should you get a Scooter…

  • Avoid Miami Beach heavy traffic
  • Renting a scooter is inexpensive and can help you save on fare used on taxi
  • Scooters are very easy to Ride- Just Twist N’ Go.
  • No Motorcycle License Needed.
  • Get to see the fabulous views around which may not be visible when using a taxi or local transport

YES, I Wanto to Book My Scooter

  • Scooter are a time Saver, Time is usually of essence especially if you are on a trip since you want to visit as many places as possible.
  • You can easily find parking spaces. Since the scooter is relatively small, you can squeeze it easily into any small space.
  • Enjoy time with with yours friends and family while other are looking for parking
  • Nobody wants to get stuck in the traffic jam for any reason. With a scooter, you can get shortcuts to get you where you are going.
  • Scooters helps to Preserve the Environment, and Your Wallet Too

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YES, I Wanto to Book My Scooter